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  • Temporary Tables on virtual memory

    Hello everyone,

    I'm running a configuration with one master and a replication slave. Both on Linux.

    For better performance, I decided some days ago to put the tmpdir to /dev/shm like a recommandation I read. And the performance increases a lot. Because I've a lot of created_tmp_disk_tables created (about 751K on a total of 3743K of created_tmp_tables. Because on my SELECTs, I must get text fields).

    But today, I read this :
    http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.0/...ary-files.html where it was specified to don't put the tmpdir to virtual memory on a slave.

    So my question is : In which case, it is dangerous to put the tmdir in virtual memory for a slave ?
    Do you have a workaround to continue to put only created_tmp_disk_tables on virtual memory and not the temporary tables necessary for the replication ?

    Thanks for yours answers.

    Best regards.