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  • MySQL Query Tuning

    Hi All,

    I am a new user for MySQL, I need to improve one slow performance query which is using joins commonly. I need some help to improve it, Does anyone knows about Query tuning. Thank you

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    Hi Pandyan, we had a webinar last summer on this topic. You can view the recorded version here.

    The presenter was Alexander Rubin and he also answered several follow-up questions here.

    And here is a related presentation deck, titled “Advanced MySQL Query and Schema Tuning” from last April’s Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo from Alexander.

    So please check those out and if you need more help, try to be very specific and hopefully someone will be able to see what will work best for you.
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      Hi Tom, thank you for the reply. The links are quit useful for me. But I am looking for an alternate of Left join and where if classes, Which is in that slow performance query.


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        Can you provide the query which you want to tune and "SHOW CREATE TABLE" for all those tables which are involved in that query? Explain plan will be also helpful. Thanks.