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    I wanted to announce on the boards here that myself and my esteemed colleague Ben Mildren are organising a MySQL meetup group in the South West of England. We welcome all comers; DBAs, developers and the downright curious.

    Seeing as that MySQL is the most popular open source database in the world then there must be some people using it in the Bristol and surrounding areas so we say, "make your self known". Please come over to the meetup.com page and sign up. We're going to be adding a date very soon which will be somewhere in early August. Bearing in mind that Percona Live London is coming too it will be a great oppurtunity to fine tune any submissions you're going to put forward in the currently open Call for Papers.

    So please come, introduce yourself and keep watch for a date in August.
    Thanks for stopping by. This is the Bristol & South West MySQL meetup page. We started the group so we can get together and discuss MySQL and the surrounding technologies. Bristol and Bath are thrivin

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    Our next meeting is June 26 and we'll be looking at the various reasons for logging, what you can do with them and why.

    More info and register to join us here.