5.0.83 Build 17

includes patches:

File Name Version Author License Comment
innodb_check_fragmentation.patch innodb_check_fragmentation 1.0 Percona GPL This patch adds several session-scoped status variables to the MySQL server. You can use the variables to compute the fragmentation of the InnoDB data scanned in the last query executed by your connection. You can compute the fragmentation for both table scans and index scans.
innodb_dict_size_limit.patch innodb_dict_size_limit 1.0 Google, Percona GPL This patch limits the size of InnoDB's data dictionary. It fixes the following problem in standard InnoDB: the data dictionary is unlimited in size, and can grow extremely large. The size depends on the number of InnoDB tables in the server. Once opened, a table is never removed from the data dictionary in standard InnoDB, so the visible symptom is steadily increasing memory usage. See the examples to see how to compute the memory usage that may be caused by this problem.
innodb_fsync_source.patch Information of fsync callers in InnoDB 1.0 Google GPL
innodb_io_patches.patch Cluster of past InnoDB IO patches 1.1 Percona GPL This patch contains fixed (control_flush_and_merge_and_read, control_io-threads, adaptive_flush)
innodb_io_pattern.patch Information schema table of InnoDB IO counts for each datafile pages 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_IO_PATTERN
innodb_locks_held.patch Add locks held, remove locked records in SHOW INNODB STATUS 1.0 Baron Schwartz baron@xaprb.com GPL Bug #29126 fix
innodb_extra_rseg.patch innodb_extra_rsegments 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL innodb_extra_rsegments. The number of extra user rollback segments created when new db is created. New information_schema table innodb_rseg shows information about all rollback segments
innodb_rw_lock.patch Fix of InnoDB rw_locks 1.0 Yasufumi Kinoshita BSD
innodb_show_bp.patch show innodb buffer pool content 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL
innodb_show_hashed_memory.patch Adds additional information of InnoDB internal hash table memories in SHOW INNODB STATUS 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL
innodb_thread_concurrency_timer_based.patch innodb_thread_concurrency_timer_based 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL This patch provides the configuration variable backport from MySQL 5.4.
microsec_process.patch Adds INFOMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST with TIME_MS column 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL
microslow_innodb.patch Extended statistics in slow.log 1.2 Percona info@percona.com GPL
mysqld_safe_syslog.patch Patch allows redirect output of error.log to syslog-ng 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL Ported from Debian
profiling_slow.patch This patch adds information from SHOW PROFILE to query information in slow.log output. 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL This patch adds information from SHOW PROFILE to query information in slow.log output. profiling_server. This variable ( ON / OFF ) enables profiling of all queries (in all connections). profiling_use_getrusage. This variable ( ON / OFF ) enables usage of getrusage function in profiling. Be careful, enabling profiling_server may cause performance degradation, especially with profiling_use_getrusage.
show_patches.patch SHOW PATCHES 1.0 Jeremy Cole N/A
userstatsv2.patch SHOW USER/TABLE/INDEX statistics V2 Google GPL Added INFORMATION_SCHEMA.*_STATISTICS
innodb_use_sys_malloc.patch V1 Percona info@percona.com GPL
innodb_split_buf_pool_mutex.patch V1 Percona info@percona.com GPL This patch splits the single global InnoDB buffer pool mutex into several mutexes for different purposes. This reduces mutex contention. It may help if you suffer performance loss when the working set does not fit in memory. You can detect buffer pool mutex contention by examining the output of SHOW INNODB STATUS and looking at the first section, SEMAPHORES.
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