5.0.67 Build 10

includes patches:

File Name Version Author License Comment
innodb_check_defrag.patch Session status to check fragmentation of the last InnoDB scan 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL The names are Innodb_scan_*
userstatsv2.patch SHOW USER/TABLE/INDEX statistics V2 Google GPL Added INFORMATION_SCHEMA.*_STATISTICS
show_patches.patch SHOW PATCHES 1.0 Jeremy Cole N/A
innodb_io_patches.patch Cluster of past InnoDB IO patches 1.0 Percona GPL This patch contains fixed (control_flush_and_merge_and_read, control_io-threads, adaptive_flush)
innodb_show_hashed_memory.patch Adds additional information of InnoDB internal hash table memories in SHOW INNODB STATUS 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL
innodb_io_pattern.patch Information schema table of InnoDB IO counts for each datafile pages 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL INFORMATION_SCHEMA.INNODB_IO_PATTERN
microsec_process.patch Adds INFOMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST with TIME_MS column 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL
innodb_locks_held.patch Add locks held, remove locked records in SHOW INNODB STATUS 1.0 Baron Schwartz baron@xaprb.com GPL Bug #29126 fix
microslow_innodb.patch Extended statistics in slow.log 1.1 Percona info@percona.com GPL
mysqld_safe_syslog.patch Patch allows redirect output of error.log to syslog-ng 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL Ported from Debian
innodb_fsync_source.patch Information of fsync callers in InnoDB 1.0 Google GPL
innodb_show_bp.patch show innodb buffer pool content 1.0 Percona info@percona.com GPL


additionally to -percona release includes patches:

File Name Version Author License Comment
split_buf_pool_mutex_fixed_optimistic_safe.patch InnoDB patch to fix buffer pool scalability 1.0 Yasufumi Kinoshita BSD
innodb_rw_lock.patch Fix of InnoDB rw_locks 1.0 Yasufumi Kinoshita BSD
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