This page details how we use features of the Percona Toolkit Launchpad project.

Bug Tracker

The bug tracker is only for bugs: things that should work but don't, or aren't documented correctly. Feature requests, TODO, ideas, etc. are kept as blueprints (specs).

Status & Lifecycle

  1. New: bug has been reported, but no developers have looked at it
  2. Triaged: a developer has looked at the bug, tagged it, maybe targeted it to series and milestones, asked the reporter any pertinent questions, but has not confirmed that it exists
  3. Confirmed: a developer has confirmed that the bug exists
    1. In Progress: a developer has begun working on the bug, is still working on the bug, and after submitting a merge proposal their branch (which they must link to the bug report) is being reviewed or tested; the developer should post any relevant discussions and decisions as comments
    2. Fix Committed: the developer's merge proposal has been approved and their branch has been merged into the main code
    3. Fix Released: the milestone to which the bug was targeted has been released
  4. Invalid: the bug does not exist, or it's a feature and the developer makes a blueprint/spec for it instead
  5. Won't Fix: we have decided not to fix the bug for whatever reason
  6. Incomplete: this status is not used
  7. Opinion: this status is not used
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