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XtraBackup Howto

This page contains basic receipts how to use xtrabackup tool

Make local backup

Very basic and very simple mode, copy MySQL data into specific directory

Make copy

innobackupex-1.5.1 /data/backups

There a lot of output, but the most important one to look for:

100313 02:43:07  innobackupex-1.5.1: completed OK!

If backup is succesfull, there will be directory with timestamp on the moment of backup, i.e. /data/backups/2010-03-13_02-42-44

Run apply-log

Apply-log step is very important, as it makes data ready to use.

In basic case it is very simple:

innobackupex-1.5.1 --apply-log /data/backups/2010-03-13_02-42-44/

Now directory /data/backups/2010-03-13_02-42-44 contains data directory which can be used mysql, you just copy it to mysql datadir ( regular cp command makes it)

:!: Important :!: To speedup apply-log process it is recommended to use —use-memory option. This option is similar to innodb_buffer_pool, and on dedicated box you may set up to 80% of available memory.

Make backup from slave

If you make backup from slave you want to see slave position at the moment of backup. You can get this with –slave-info option

innobackupex-1.5.1 --slave-info /data/backups

After finish you will find file xtrabackup_slave_info in backup directory with info like this:



stream mode allow to get on stdout output compatible with tar. :!: to extract from, you should use -i option

Basic mode

innobackupex-1.5.1  --stream=tar ./ > backup.tar

Backup & compress

innobackupex-1.5.1  --stream=tar ./ | gzip - > backup.tar.gz

Backup on remote host

innobackupex-1.5.1 --stream=tar ./ | ssh vadim@desthost "cat - > /data/vol1/mysqluc/backup.tar"

or the same with netcat (faster)

on desthost host:
nc -l 9999 | cat - > backup.tar

on source host:
innobackupex-1.5.1 --defaults-file=/etc/my.opt.cnf --stream=tar ./ | nc desthost 9999

Backup on remote host with throttling

you need pv utils for that. http://www.ivarch.com/programs/quickref/pv.shtml

Next example copies to desthost with 10M/sec limit.

innobackupex-1.5.1 --stream=tar ./ | pv -q -L10m | ssh vadim@desthost "cat - > /data/vol1/mysqluc/backup.tar"

Incremental backup

As this is unique feature for xtrabackup, it is not yet fully supported in innobackupex

1. Perform regular backup

innobackupex-1.5.1 /data/backups

2. Perform incremental

xtrabackup --backup --target-dir=/data/backups/incremental --incremental-basedir=/data/backups/2010-04-11_17-55-54


3. Apply-log for regular backup

innobackupex-1.5.1 --apply-log /data/backups/2010-04-11_17-55-54/

4. Apply incremental changes

xtrabackup --prepare --target-dir=/data/backups/2010-04-11_17-55-54  --incremental-dir=/data/backups/incremental

export / import

export only single table

xtrabackup  --table=tpcc.order_line --backup --target-dir=/data/vadim/mysqluc/order_line/

Prepare it

xtrabackup --prepare --export  --target-dir=/data/vadim/mysqluc/order_line/

on target server:

alter table order_line discard tablespace;
set global innodb_expand_import=1;
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