This feature provides an extended version of wl5151. For ALL_LOSSY conversion mode you can specify behavior on truncate value - error (new behavior) or work normally (old behavior). Also, it provides a system variable to control that.

Version-Specific Information

Percona-Server Version Comments
12.0 Full functionality available.

Variables Provided


TypeSystem and command-line variable
Possible valuesOFF,ON

If you specify

set global slave_type_conversions_error_on_truncate=ON;
set global slave_type_conversions=ALL_LOSSY;

and then try to replicate value with truncate data you will get an error. For example: you have a column 'a' with type SMALLINT on master, and you have a column 'a' with type TINYINT on slave. When you run on master: INSERT INTO t VALUES(128); Slave will fail with Last_error:

Slave SQL: Column 0 of table 'test.t' cannot be converted from type 'smallint' to type 'tinyint(4)' without truncate
Error_code: 1643

This error would be wrote to mysqld-error log, and also available:


Related Reading

Other Information

Author/Origin Percona
Bugs fixed
Dependencies wl5151
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