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Patch Filename Feature Title Description
error_pad.patch Error Code Compatibility Preserves error code compatibility with MySQL 5.5 (beginning with 5.1.49-rel12.0).
log_connection_error.patch Too Many Connections Warning Issues a “too many connections” warning.
microsec_process.patch Show Process Times in Microseconds Adds a table to the INFORMATION_SCHEMA with a column showing process times in fractions of milliseconds.
mysql-syslog.patch Log All Client Commands (syslog)
profiling_slow.patch Slow Log Profiling Information Adds information from SHOW PROFILE to slow.log.
query_cache_enhance.patch Query Cache Enhancements Provides additional variables for configuring the query cache.
remove_fcntl_excessive_calls.patch Remove Excessive Function Calls (fcntl) Removes these excessive fcntl calls.
response-time-distribution.patch Response Time Distribution Reports on how many queries are executed on the server within a certain time interval.
show_slave_status_nolock.patch slow_slave_status_nolock Modifies SLOW SLAVE STATUS to allow showing the status even when a lock would normally prevent it.
slow_extended.patch Slow Query Log Provides extra statistics and configuration parameters for the slow query log.
sql_no_fcache.patch Prevent Caching to FlashCache Prevents rarely used blocks of data from being cached to FlashCache during a query.
suppress_log_warning_1592.patch Suppress Replication Warning Suppresses incorrect replication warning #1592.
userstat.patch User Statistics adds several INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables and FLUSH and SHOW commands, and enables and disables collecting of statistics.


Patch Filename Feature Title Notes
i_s_innodb_buffer_pool_pages.patch Buffer Pool Contents Information
innodb_adjust_defaults.patch Improved InnoDB I/O Scalability
innodb_admin_command_base.patch XtraDB Command Interface
innodb_buffer_pool_shm.patch Shared Memory Buffer Pool
innodb_deadlock_count.patch Count InnoDB Deadlocks
innodb_dict_size_limit.patch InnoDB Data Dictionary Size Limit
innodb_expand_import.patch Expand Table Import
innodb_expand_undo_slots.patch More Concurrent Transactions Available
innodb_extra_rseg.patch Multiple Rollback Segments
innodb_fast_checksum.patch Fast InnoDB Checksum
innodb_files_extend.patch Support of Multiple Page Sizes
innodb_io_patches.patch Improved InnoDB I/O Scalability
innodb_lru_dump_restore.patch Dump/Restore of the Buffer Pool
innodb_opt_lru_count.patch Reduced Buffer Pool Mutex Contention
innodb_overwrite_relay_log_info.patch Crash-Resistant Replication
innodb_pass_corrupt_table.patch Handle Corrupted Tables
innodb_purge_thread.patch Dedicated Purge Thread
innodb_recovery_patches.patch Fast InnoDB Recovery Process
innodb_separate_doublewrite.patch Configuration of the Doublewrite Buffer
innodb_show_enhancements.patch InnoDB Enhancements Information
innodb_show_lock_name.patch Show Lock Names
innodb_show_status.patch Show InnoDB Status
innodb_show_sys_tables.patch innodb_show_sys_tables
innodb_split_buf_pool_mutex.patch Improved Buffer Pool Scalability
innodb_stats.patch InnoDB Statistics
innodb_thread_concurrency_timer_based.patch innodb_thread_concurrency_timer_based
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