Index of Features by Patch File

This is a list of the patch files containing code differences between Percona Server with XtraDB and MySQL. Each patch file is linked to the user documentation which describes the changes that file implements.

Patch Filename Wiki Pagename
error_pad.patch Error Code Compatibility
i_s_innodb_buffer_pool_pages.patch Buffer Pool Contents Information
innodb_adjust_defaults.patch Improved InnoDB I/O Scalability
innodb_admin_command_base.patch XtraDB Command Interface
innodb_buffer_pool_shm.patch Shared Memory Buffer Pool
innodb_deadlock_count.patch Count InnoDB Deadlocks
innodb_dict_size_limit.patch InnoDB Data Dictionary Size Limit
innodb_expand_import.patch Expand Table Import
innodb_expand_undo_slots.patch More Concurrent Transactions Available
innodb_extra_rseg.patch Multiple Rollback Segments
innodb_fast_checksum.patch Fast InnoDB Checksum
innodb_fast_shutdown.patch Fast Shutdown
innodb_files_extend.patch Support of Multiple Page Sizes
innodb_io_patches.patch Improved InnoDB I/O Scalability
innodb_lru_dump_restore.patch Dump/Restore of the Buffer Pool
innodb_opt_lru_count.patch Reduced Buffer Pool Mutex Contention
innodb_overwrite_relay_log_info.patch Crash-Resistant Replication
innodb_pass_corrupt_table.patch Handle Corrupted Tables
innodb_purge_thread.patch Dedicated Purge Thread
innodb_recovery_patches.patch Fast InnoDB Recovery Process
innodb_separate_doublewrite.patch Configuration of the Doublewrite Buffer
innodb_show_enhancements.patch InnoDB Enhancements Information
innodb_show_lock_name.patch Show Lock Names
innodb_show_status.patch Show InnoDB Status
innodb_show_sys_tables.patch innodb_show_sys_tables
innodb_split_buf_pool_mutex.patch Improved Buffer Pool Scalability
innodb_stats.patch InnoDB Statistics
innodb_thread_concurrency_timer_based.patch innodb_thread_concurrency_timer_based
log_connection_error.patch Too Many Connections Warning
microsec_process.patch Show Process Times in Microseconds
mysql-syslog.patch Log All Client Commands (syslog)
profiling_slow.patch Slow Log Profiling Information
query_cache_enhance.patch Query Cache Enhancements
remove_fcntl_excessive_calls.patch Remove Excessive Function Calls (fcntl)
response-time-distribution.patch Response Time Distribution
show_slave_status_nolock.patch Lock-Free SHOW SLAVE STATUS
slow_extended.patch Slow Query Log
sql_no_fcache.patch Prevent Caching to FlashCache
suppress_log_warning_1592.patch Suppress Replication Warning
userstat.patch User Statistics
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