Replay log user documentation

Query run mode

We run all queries in autocommit-mode.

Input log format

Slow query log only now.

Progress report

Print out a line for every query. Show statistics such as the query execution time, error code, number of rows affected and matched.


This options both available as command-line options as config options.

Input slow query log

Accept either a filename on the command-line, -, or STDIN, just like normal Unix applications.

Read thread number


count of threads for execute read queries.

Report plugin

Later - not now.

Use database option


This option notice, what tool should run “use name;” after establish every connection to mysql server.

Progress report

None other than the one-line-per-query output.

MySQL client options


The “options” is mysql settings (such as user, socket, host, port, etc) what should propagate to establishment connection for every mysql's connection.

Report analyzers plugins

We'll write awk/perl/sed scripts against the raw output and figure out what is useful.

Replay log developers documentation

Build result

Result should be single static-linked binaries what run on every system (economy of time).

Programming language



STL, Boost



Performance tests

We should prepare some performance what investigate replay log speed. Also we can collect some internal statistic about load of different components.

Build system

We use CMake because is wonderful for C/C++ project (simpler that autotools, out-of-source build, Makefile generator, flexible depends management, support may compilers and libraries).



Internal architecture

Single thread to parse input slow query log, (CORE_NUMBER - 2) threads for read queries, 1 thread for write (UPDATE/INSERT) queries. All queries run as fast as possible.

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