Benchmark results report should contain:

  • Benchmark name
  • Benchmark goals
  • Short benchmark description
  • Link to full benchmark description 1) (link to the separate page)
  • Short Hardware specification
  • Link to full HW specification (link to the separate page)
  • Important MySQL configuration
  • Link to full MySQL configuration (my.cnf, output of SHOW variables) (link to the separate page)
  • Results in graph mode
  • Essential results in table mode
  • Full results in table mode (link to the separate page)
  • Stats in graph mode
  • Essential stats for each result in table mode
  • Link to different stats (CPU, IO, mysql) for each result
  • Conclusion

FIXME Prepare example


User configure parameters for benchmarks and for report generator than run benchwork. 2)).

Benchwork performs tests and stores all data collected in the specified folder.

Report generator process raw data, generate report texts with wiki formatting 3) and store its in the specified folder.

User creates wiki page(s) and copy/paste texts from generated reports.

User uploads graphs and edit links in the wiki pages.

User opens report in the browser and user is pleased what a nice work he dose :)

It should be possible to just scp prepared files to web server, so results get available on web site. it should be just one script to execute.


Based on the structure and scenario above benchwork should:

  • allow to define report settings:
    • folder for report storage
    • text for report sections: (optional) 4)
      • Name
      • Goal
      • Short benchmark description
      • Short description
      • what graphs to generate, it's names and parameters
    • what tables to prepare, it's names and parameters
    • report generator should be able to handle different runs, e.g. results/tpcc/25 contains data for mysql-5.1.30 and results/tpcc/95 contains data for mysql-5.1.37. We should be able to prepare single report for.
    • parameters for data postprocessing 5)
  • store all collected data in the defined folder (raw data folder)
  • generate and store in the defined folder 6) (report folder):
    • specified graphs
    • main text report with wiki formatting
      • include in the text placeholders for the graphs and additional reports 7)
    • additional reports with wiki formatting
      • Full HW specification
      • Full tests specification
      • Full MySQL configuration
      • Table data reports

Questions and Notes

1) Full benchmark description - what tests and its parameters
2) Is there need to run report generator separately? (i.e. configure and run benchmarks, on success configure and run report generator
3) seems there we'll need plugable formatter
4) could be substituted by predefined instructions for user if empty - i.e. “Write here.”
5) this means we need plugable processing modules?
6) could it be wiki data folder?
7) using names configured. It's possible to include short instructions where to find and how to link it
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