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Patch: control_global_slow

This patch similar to Patch: use_global_long_query_time. As it, patch allow choose variable scope for variables of Patch: slow_extended (settings slow query log).

This patch is included as part of Patch: slow_extended.

Version-Specific Information

Percona-Server Version Comments
5.1.47-11.0 Full functionality, except “all” option and link between user_global_long_query_time and use_global_log_slow_control=long_query_time available.
5.1.47-12.0 Full functionality available.

Variables Provided


TypeSystem and command-line variable

Specifies which variable is the global scope instead of local. Value is a “flag” variable - you can specify multiple values separated by commas

Value Explanation
none All variables use local scope
log_slow_filter Global variable log_slow_filter has effect (instead of local)
log_slow_rate_limit Global variable log_slow_rate_limit has effect (instead of local)
log_slow_verbosity Global variable log_slow_verbosity has effect (instead of local)
long_query_time Global variable long_query_time has effect (instead of local)
min_examined_row_limit Global variable min_examined_row_limit has effect (instead of local)
all Global variables has effect (instead of loval)

Related Reading

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