Installing Percona XtraDB Cluster

Install Percona XtraDB Cluster on all hosts that you are planning to use as cluster nodes and ensure that you have root access to the MySQL server on each one.

It is recommended to install Percona XtraDB Cluster from official Percona software repositories using the corresponding package manager for your system:


After installing Percona XtraDB Cluster the mysql service is stopped but enabled so that it may start the next time the system is restarted. The service starts if the the grastate.dat file exists and the value of seqno is not -1.

See also

More information about Galera state information in Index of files created by PXC

Installation Alternatives

Percona also provides a generic tarball with all required files and binaries for manual installation:

If you want to build Percona XtraDB Cluster from source, see Compiling and Installing from Source Code.

If you want to run Percona XtraDB Cluster using Docker, see Running Percona XtraDB Cluster in a Docker Container.

Product version numbering

The version number in Percona XtraDB Cluster releases contains the following components:

  • The version of Percona Server that the given Percona XtraDB Cluster release is based on
  • The sequence number which represents the Percona XtraDB Cluster built.

For example, version number 8.0.18-9.3 means that this is the third Percona XtraDB Cluster build based on Percona Server 8.0.18-9.

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