Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.7 Documentation

Percona XtraDB Cluster is a database clustering solution for MySQL. It ensures high availability, prevents downtime and data loss, and provides linear scalability for a growing environment.

Features of Percona XtraDB Cluster include:

  • Synchronous replication

    Data is written to all nodes simultaneously, or not written at all if it fails even on a single node.

  • Multi-master replication

    Any node can trigger a data update.

  • True parallel replication

    Multiple threads on slave performing replication on row level.

  • Automatic node provisioning

    You simply add a node and it automatically syncs.

  • Data consistency

    No more unsynchronized nodes.

  • PXC Strict Mode

    Avoids the use of experimental and unsupported features.

  • Configuration script for ProxySQL

    Percona provides a ProxySQL package with the proxysql-admin tool that automatically configures Percona XtraDB Cluster nodes.

  • Automatic configuration of SSL encryption

    Percona XtraDB Cluster includes the pxc-encrypt-cluster-traffic variable that enables automatic configuration of SSL encryption.

  • Optimized Performance

    Percona XtraDB Cluster performance is optimized to scale with a growing production workload.

    For more information, see the following blog posts:

Percona XtraDB Cluster is fully compatible with MySQL Server Community Edition, Percona Server, and MariaDB in the following sense:

  • Data compatibility: You can use data created by any MySQL variant.
  • Application compatibility: There is no or minimal application changes required.