Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.38-26.23

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.38-26.23 on January 24, 2018. Binaries are available from the downloads section or from our software repositories.

Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.6.38-26.23 is now the current release, based on the following:

All Percona software is open-source and free.

Fixed Bugs

  • PXC-PXC-889: Fixed an issue where a node with an invalid value for wsrep_provider was allowed to start up and operate in standalone mode, which could lead to data inconsistency. The node will now abort in this case. Bug fixed #1728774
  • PXC-PXC-850: ensured that a node, because of data inconsistency, isolates itself before leaving the cluster, thus allowing pending nodes to re-evaluate the quorum. Bug fixed #1704404
  • PXC-PXC-875: Fixed an issue where toggling wsrep_provider off and on failed to reset some internal variables and resulted in PXC logging an “Unsupported protocol downgrade” warning. Bug fixed #1379204
  • PXC-PXC-883: Fixed ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT incorrect operation on slaves by avoiding useless wsrep plugin register for a savepoint rollback. Bug fixed #1700593
  • PXC-PXC-887: gcache .page files were unnecessarily created due to an error in projecting gcache free size when configured to recover on restart.
  • PXC-PXC-895: fixed transaction loss after recovery by avoiding interruption of the binlog recovery based on wsrep saved position. Bug fixed #1734113
  • PXC-PXC-897: fixed empty gtid_executed variable after recovering the position of a node with --wsrep_recover.
  • PXC-PXC-906: fixed certification failure in the case of a node restarting at the same time when frequent TRUNCATE TABLE commands and DML writes occur simultaneously on other nodes. Bug fixed #1737731
  • PXC-PXC-914: Suppressing DDL/TOI replication in case of sql_log_bin zero value didn’t work when DDL statement was modifying an existing table, resulting in an error.