About Percona XtraDB Cluster

Percona XtraDB Cluster is open-source, free MySQL High Availability software

General introduction

  1. The Cluster consists of Nodes. Recommended configuration is to have at least 3 nodes, but you can make it running with 2 nodes as well.
  2. Each Node is regular MySQL / Percona Server setup. The point is that you can convert your existing MySQL / Percona Server into Node and roll Cluster using it as a base. Or otherwise – you can detach Node from Cluster and use it as just a regular server.
  3. Each Node contains the full copy of data.

Benefits and Drawbacks

  • When you execute a query, it is executed locally on the node. All data is available locally, no need for remote access.
  • No central management. You can loose any node at any point of time, and the cluster will continue to function.
  • Good solution for scaling a read workload. You can direct read queries to any node.
  • Overhead of joining new node. The new node has to copy full dataset from one of existing nodes. If it is 100GB, it copies 100GB.
  • This can’t be used as an effective write scaling solution. There might be some improvements in write throughput when you run write traffic to 2 nodes vs all traffic to 1 node, but you can’t expect a lot. All writes still have to go on all nodes.
  • You have several duplicates of the data, for 3 nodes - 3 duplicates.


Percona XtraDB Cluster is based on Percona Server with XtraDB and includes Write Set Replication patches. It uses the Galera library, version 2.x, a generic Synchronous Multi-Master replication plugin for transactional applications.

Galera library is developed by Codership Oy.

Galera 2.x supports such new features as:
  • Incremental State Transfer (IST), especially useful for WAN deployments,
  • RSU, Rolling Schema Update. Schema change does not block operations against table.

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