Store backup history on the server

Percona XtraBackup supports storing the backups history on the server. This feature was implemented in Percona XtraBackup 2.2. Storing backup history on the server was implemented to provide users with additional information about backups that are being taken. Backup history information will be stored in the PERCONA_SCHEMA.XTRABACKUP_HISTORY table.

To use this feature three new innobackupex options have been implemented:


Backup that’s currently being performed will NOT exist in the xtrabackup_history table within the resulting backup set as the record will not be added to that table until after the backup has been taken.

If you want access to backup history outside of your backup set in the case of some catastrophic event, you will need to either perform a mysqldump, partial backup or SELECT * on the history table after innobackupex completes and store the results with you backup set.


User performing the backup will need following privileges:


This table contains the information about the previous server backups. Information about the backups will only be written if the backup was taken with innobackupex --history option.

Column Name Description
uuid Unique backup id
name User provided name of backup series. There may be multiple entries with the same name used to identify related backups in a series.
tool_name Name of tool used to take backup
tool_command Exact command line given to the tool with –password and –encryption_key obfuscated
tool_version Version of tool used to take backup
ibbackup_version Version of the xtrabackup binary used to take backup
server_version Server version on which backup was taken
start_time Time at the start of the backup
end_time Time at the end of the backup
lock_time Amount of time, in seconds, spent calling and holding locks for FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK
binlog_pos Binlog file and position at end of FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK
innodb_from_lsn LSN at beginning of backup which can be used to determine prior backups
innodb_to_lsn LSN at end of backup which can be used as the starting lsn for the next incremental
partial Is this a partial backup, if N that means that it’s the full backup
incremental Is this an incremental backup
format Description of result format (file, tar, xbstream)
compressed Is this a compressed backup
encrypted Is this an encrypted backup


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