Percona XtraBackup 2.3.1-beta1

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona XtraBackup 2.3.1-beta1 on May 20th 2015. Downloads are available from our download site here. This BETA release, will be available in Debian testing and CentOS testing repositories.

This is an BETA quality release and it is not intended for production. If you want a high quality, Generally Available release, the current Stable version should be used (currently 2.2.10 in the 2.2 series at the time of writing).

This release contains all of the features and bug fixes in Percona XtraBackup 2.2.10, plus the following:

New features

innobackupex script has been rewritten in C and it’s set as the symlink for xtrabackup. innobackupex still supports all features and syntax as 2.2 version did, but it is now deprecated and will be removed in next major release. Syntax for new features will not be added to the innobackupex, only to the xtrabackup. xtrabackup now also copies MyISAM tables and supports every feature of innobackupex. Syntax for features previously unique to innobackupex (option names and allowed values) remains the same for xtrabackup.

Percona XtraBackup can now read swift parameters from a [xbcloud] section from the .my.cnf file in the users home directory or alternatively from the global configuration file:/etc/my.cnf. This makes it more convenient to use and avoids passing the sensitive data, such as --swift-key, on the command line.

Percona XtraBackup now supports different authentication options for Swift.

Percona XtraBackup now supports partial download of the cloud backup.

Options: --lock-wait-query-type, --lock-wait-threshold and --lock-wait-timeout have been renamed to innobackupex --ftwrl-wait-query-type, innobackupex --ftwrl-wait-threshold and innobackupex --ftwrl-wait-timeout respectively.

Bugs fixed

innobackupex didn’t work correctly when credentials were specified in .mylogin.cnf. Bug fixed #PXB-413.

--decrypt and --decompress options didn’t work with xtrabackup binary. Bug fixed #PXB-427.

Percona XtraBackup now executes an extra FLUSH TABLES before executing FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK to potentially lower the impact from FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK. Bug fixed #PXB-684.

innobackupex didn’t read user, password options from ~/.my.cnf file. Bug fixed #PXB-861.

innobackupex was always reporting the original version of the innobackup script from InnoDB Hot Backup. Bug fixed #PXB-89.

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