The xbcrypt binary

To support encryption and decryption of the backups, a new tool xbcrypt was introduced to Percona XtraBackup.

This utility has been modeled after The xbstream Binary to perform encryption and decryption outside of Percona XtraBackup. Xbcrypt has following command line options:

-d, --decrypt

Decrypt data input to output.

-i, --input=name

Optional input file. If not specified, input will be read from standard input.

-o, --output=name

Optional output file. If not specified, output will be written to standard output.

-a, --encrypt-algo=name

Encryption algorithm.

-k, --encrypt-key=name

Encryption key.

-f, --encrypt-key-file=name

File which contains encryption key.

-s, --encrypt-chunk-size=#

Size of working buffer for encryption in bytes. The default value is 64K.

-v, --verbose

Display verbose status output.

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