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Making a Full Backup

Backup the InnoDB data and log files - located in /var/lib/mysql/ - to /data/backups/mysql/ (destination). Then, prepare the backup files to be ready to restore or use (make the data files consistent).

Make a backup:

xtrabackup --backup --target-dir=/data/backups/mysql/

Prepare the backup twice:

xtrabackup --prepare --target-dir=/data/backups/mysql/
xtrabackup --prepare --target-dir=/data/backups/mysql/

Success Criterion

  • The exit status of xtrabackup is 0.
  • In the second --prepare step, you should see InnoDB print messages similar to Log file ./ib_logfile0 did not exist: new to be created, followed by a line indicating the log file was created (creating new logs is the purpose of the second preparation).


  • You might want to set the --use-memory option to something similar to the size of your buffer pool, if you are on a dedicated server that has enough free memory. More details here.
  • A more detailed explanation is here
This documentation is developed in Launchpad as part of the Percona XtraBackup 2.1.
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