Installing XtraBackup from Binaries

Before installing, you might want to read the Percona XtraBackup Release Notes.

Ready-to-use binaries are available from the XtraBackup download page, including:

  • RPM packages for RHEL 5 and RHEL 6 (including compatible distributions such as CentOS and Oracle Enterprise Linux)
  • Debian packages for Debian and Ubuntu
  • Generic .tar.gz binary packages

Using Percona Software Repositories

Percona provides repositories for yum (RPM packages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and compatible distrubutions such as CentOS, Oracle Enterprise Linux, Amazon Linux AMI, and Fedora) and apt (.deb packages for Ubuntu and Debian) for software such as Percona Server, XtraDB, XtraBackup, and Percona Toolkit. This makes it easy to install and update your software and its dependencies through your operating system’s package manager.

This is the recommend way of installing where possible.