Sending Backups to Remote Hosts with innobackupex

Besides of using the --stream for sending the backup to another host via piping (see Streaming and Compressing Backups), innobackupex can do it directly with the --remote-host

$ innobackupex --remote-host=REMOTEUSER@REMOTEHOST /path/IN/REMOTE/HOST/to/backup/

innobackupex will test the connection to REMOTEHOST via ssh and create the backup directories needed as the REMOTEUSER you specified. The options for ssh can be specified with --sshopt


The path you provide for storing the backup will be created at REMOTEHOST, not at the local host.

Then all the log files will be written to a temporary file (you can choose where to store this file with the --tmpdir option) and will be copied via scp. The options for scp can be specified with --options-scp (-Cp -c arcfour by default), for example:

$ innobackupex --remote-host=REMOTEUSER@REMOTEHOST /path/IN/REMOTE/HOST/to/backup/ \
   --tmpdir=/tmp --options-scp="-Cp -c arcfour"
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