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pt-mongodb-query-digest reports query usage statistics by aggregating queries from MongoDB query profiler.


pt-mongodb-query-digest [OPTIONS]

It runs the following command:

db.getSiblingDB("samples").system.profile.find({"op":{"$nin":["getmore", "delete"]}});

Then the results are grouped by fingerprint and namespace (database.collection). The fingerprint is calculated as a sorted list of keys in the document with a maximum depth level of 10. By default, the results are sorted by ascending query count.


pt-mongodb-query-digest cannot collect statistics from MongoDB instances that require connection via SSL. Support for SSL will be added in the future.


-?, --help
Show help and exit
-a, --authenticationDatabase
Specifies the database used to establish credentials and privileges with a MongoDB server. By default, the admin database is used.
-c, --no-version-check
Don’t check for updates
-d, --database
Specifies which database to profile
-f, --output-format
Specifies the report output format. Valid options are: text, json. The default value is text.
-l, --log-level
Specifies the log level: panic, fatal, error, warn, info, debug error
-n, --limit
Limits the number of queries to show
-o, --order-by

Specifies the sorting order using fields: count, ratio, query-time, docs-scanned, docs-returned.

Adding a hypen (-) in front of a field denotes reverse order. For example: --order-by="count,-ratio".

-p, --password

Specifies the password to use when connecting to a server with authentication enabled.

Do not add a space between the option and its value: -p<password>.

If you specify the option without any value, you will be prompted for the password.

-u, --user
Specifies the user name for connecting to a server with authentication enabled.
-v, --version
Show version and exit

Output Example

# Query 2:  0.00 QPS, ID 1a6443c2db9661f3aad8edb6b877e45d
# Ratio    1.00  (docs scanned/returned)
# Time range: 2017-01-11 12:58:26.519 -0300 ART to 2017-01-11 12:58:26.686 -0300 ART
# Attribute            pct     total        min         max        avg         95%        stddev      median
# ==================   ===   ========    ========    ========    ========    ========     =======    ========
# Count (docs)                    36
# Exec Time ms           0         0           0           0           0           0           0           0
# Docs Scanned           0    148.00        0.00       74.00        4.11       74.00       16.95        0.00
# Docs Returned          2    148.00        0.00       74.00        4.11       74.00       16.95        0.00
# Bytes recv             0      2.11M     215.00        1.05M      58.48K       1.05M     240.22K     215.00
# String:
# Namespaces          samples.col1
# Fingerprint         $gte,$lt,$meta,$sortKey,filter,find,projection,shardVersion,sort,user_id,user_id

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