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pt-mext - Look at many samples of MySQL SHOW GLOBAL STATUS side-by-side.



pt-mext [OPTIONS] -- COMMAND

pt-mext columnizes repeated output from a program like mysqladmin extended.

Get output from mysqladmin:

pt-mext -r -- mysqladmin ext -i10 -c3

Get output from a file:

pt-mext -r -- cat mysqladmin-output.txt


Percona Toolkit is mature, proven in the real world, and well tested, but all database tools can pose a risk to the system and the database server. Before using this tool, please:

  • Read the tool’s documentation
  • Review the tool’s known “BUGS”
  • Test the tool on a non-production server
  • Backup your production server and verify the backups


pt-mext executes the COMMAND you specify, and reads through the result one line at a time. It places each line into a temporary file. When it finds a blank line, it assumes that a new sample of SHOW GLOBAL STATUS is starting, and it creates a new temporary file. At the end of this process, it has a number of temporary files. It joins the temporary files together side-by-side and prints the result. If --relative option is given, it first subtracts each sample from the one after it before printing results.



Show help and exit.


short form: -r

Subtract each column from the previous column.


Show version and exit.


This tool does not use any environment variables.


This tool requires the Bourne shell (/bin/sh) and the seq program.


For a list of known bugs, see

Please report bugs at Include the following information in your bug report:

  • Complete command-line used to run the tool
  • Tool --version
  • MySQL version of all servers involved
  • Output from the tool including STDERR
  • Input files (log/dump/config files, etc.)

If possible, include debugging output by running the tool with PTDEBUG; see “ENVIRONMENT”.


Visit to download the latest release of Percona Toolkit. Or, get the latest release from the command line:




You can also get individual tools from the latest release:


Replace TOOL with the name of any tool.


Baron Schwartz


This tool is part of Percona Toolkit, a collection of advanced command-line tools for MySQL developed by Percona. Percona Toolkit was forked from two projects in June, 2011: Maatkit and Aspersa. Those projects were created by Baron Schwartz and primarily developed by him and Daniel Nichter. Visit to learn about other free, open-source software from Percona.


pt-mext 2.2.20

This documentation is developed in Launchpad as part of the Percona Toolkit 2.2.
If you spotted inaccuracies, errors, don't understood it or you think something is missing or should be improved, please file a bug.
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