pt-mext - Look at many samples of MySQL SHOW GLOBAL STATUS side-by-side.



pt-mext [OPTIONS] -- COMMAND

pt-mext columnizes repeated output from a program like mysqladmin extended.

Get output from mysqladmin:

pt-mext -r -- mysqladmin ext -i10 -c3

Get output from a file:

pt-mext -r -- cat mysqladmin-output.txt


Percona Toolkit is mature, proven in the real world, and well tested, but all database tools can pose a risk to the system and the database server. Before using this tool, please:

  • Read the tool’s documentation
  • Review the tool’s known “BUGS”
  • Test the tool on a non-production server
  • Backup your production server and verify the backups


pt-mext executes the COMMAND you specify, and reads through the result one line at a time. It places each line into a temporary file. When it finds a blank line, it assumes that a new sample of SHOW GLOBAL STATUS is starting, and it creates a new temporary file. At the end of this process, it has a number of temporary files. It joins the temporary files together side-by-side and prints the result. If --relative option is given, it first subtracts each sample from the one after it before printing results.



Show help and exit.


short form: -r

Subtract each column from the previous column.


Show version and exit.


This tool does not use any environment variables.


This tool requires the Bourne shell (/bin/sh) and the seq program.


For a list of known bugs, see

Please report bugs at Include the following information in your bug report:

  • Complete command-line used to run the tool
  • Tool --version
  • MySQL version of all servers involved
  • Output from the tool including STDERR
  • Input files (log/dump/config files, etc.)

If possible, include debugging output by running the tool with PTDEBUG; see “ENVIRONMENT”.


Visit to download the latest release of Percona Toolkit. Or, get the latest release from the command line:




You can also get individual tools from the latest release:


Replace TOOL with the name of any tool.


Baron Schwartz


This tool is part of Percona Toolkit, a collection of advanced command-line tools for MySQL developed by Percona. Percona Toolkit was forked from two projects in June, 2011: Maatkit and Aspersa. Those projects were created by Baron Schwartz and primarily developed by him and Daniel Nichter. Visit to learn about other free, open-source software from Percona.


pt-mext 2.2.20

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