pt-mysql-summary - Summarize MySQL information in a nice way.


Usage: pt-mysql-summary [MYSQL-OPTIONS]

pt-mysql-summary conveniently summarizes the status and configuration of a MySQL database server so that you can learn about it at a glance. It is not a tuning tool or diagnosis tool. It produces a report that is easy to diff and can be pasted into emails without losing the formatting. It should work well on any modern UNIX systems.


The following section is included to inform users about the potential risks, whether known or unknown, of using this tool. The two main categories of risks are those created by the nature of the tool (e.g. read-only tools vs. read-write tools) and those created by bugs.

pt-mysql-summary is a read-only tool. It should be very low-risk.

At the time of this release, we know of no bugs that could cause serious harm to users.

The authoritative source for updated information is always the online issue tracking system. Issues that affect this tool will be marked as such. You can see a list of such issues at the following URL:

See also “BUGS” for more information on filing bugs and getting help.


pt-mysql-summary works by connecting to a MySQL database server and querying it for status and configuration information. It saves these bits of data into files in /tmp, and then formats them neatly with awk and other scripting languages.

To use, simply execute it. Optionally add the same command-line options you would use to connect to MySQL, like pt-mysql-summary --user=foo.

The tool interacts minimally with the server upon which it runs. It assumes that you’ll run it on the same server you’re inspecting, and therefore it assumes that it will be able to find the my.cnf configuration file, for example. However, it should degrade gracefully if this is not the case. Note, however, that its output does not indicate which information comes from the MySQL database and which comes from the host operating system, so it is possible for confusing output to be generated if you run the tool on one server and direct it to connect to a MySQL database server running on another server.


Many of the outputs from this tool are deliberately rounded to show their magnitude but not the exact detail. This is called fuzzy-rounding. The idea is that it doesn’t matter whether a server is running 918 queries per second or 921 queries per second; such a small variation is insignificant, and only makes the output hard to compare to other servers. Fuzzy-rounding rounds in larger increments as the input grows. It begins by rounding to the nearest 5, then the nearest 10, nearest 25, and then repeats by a factor of 10 larger (50, 100, 250), and so on, as the input grows.


This tool does not have any command-line options of its own. All options are passed to mysql.


This tool does not use any environment variables.


This tool requires Bash v3 or newer.


For a list of known bugs, see

Please report bugs at Include the following information in your bug report:

* Complete command-line used to run the tool

* Tool “–version”

* MySQL version of all servers involved

* Output from the tool including STDERR

* Input files (log/dump/config files, etc.)

If possible, include debugging output by running the tool with PTDEBUG; see “ENVIRONMENT”.


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Baron Schwartz


This tool is part of Percona Toolkit, a collection of advanced command-line tools developed by Percona for MySQL support and consulting. Percona Toolkit was forked from two projects in June, 2011: Maatkit and Aspersa. Those projects were created by Baron Schwartz and developed primarily by him and Daniel Nichter, both of whom are employed by Percona. Visit for more software developed by Percona.


pt-mysql-summary 1.0.2

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