Using Simple LDAP Authentication

This feature was implemented in Percona Server for MySQL version 8.0.19-10.

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) provides an alternative method to access existing directory servers, which maintain information about individuals, groups, and organizations.

The Percona Simple LDAP plugin is a free and Open Source implementation of the MySQL Enterprise Simple LDAP plugin.

Install the plugin

Install the plugin with the following command:

mysql> INSTALL PLUGIN authentication_ldap_simple SONAME '';

The installation adds the following variables:

Variable Name Description Default Minimum Maximum Scope Dynamic Type
authentication_ldap_simple_bind_base_dn Base distinguished name (DN)       global Yes String
authentication_ldap_simple_bind_root_dn Root distinguished name (DN)       global yes string
authentication_ldap_simple_bind_root_pwd Password for the root distinguished name       global yes string
authentication_ldap_simple_ca_path Absolute path of the certificate authority file       global yes string
authentication_ldap_simple_group_search_attr Name of the attribute that specifies the group names in LDAP directory entries cn     global yes string
authentication_ldap_simple_group_search_filter Custom group search filter (|(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(memberUid={UA}))(&(objectClass=group)(member={UD})))     global yes string
authentication_ldap_simple_init_pool_size Initial size of the connection pool to the LDAP server 10 1 32767 global yes uint
authentication_ldap_simple_log_status looging level 1 1 5 global yes uint
authentication_ldap_simple_max_pool_size Maximum size of the pool of connections to the LDAP server 1000 1 32767 global yes uint
authentication_ldap_simple_server_host LDAP server host       global yes string
authentication_ldap_simple_server_port LDAP server TCP/IP port number 389 1 65535 global yes uint
authentication_ldap_simple_ssl Whether connections by the plugin to the LDAP server are using the SSL protocol (ldaps://) OFF     global yes bool
authentication_ldap_simple_tls Whether connections by the plugin to the LDAP server are secured with STARTTTLS (ldap://) OFF     global yes bool
authentication_ldap_simple_user_search_attr Name of the attribute that specifies user names in LDAP directory entries uid     global yes string

For simple LDAP authentication, you must specify the authentication_ldap_simple plugin in the CREATE USER statement or the ALTER USER statement.

CREATE USER ... IDENTIFIED WITH authentication_ldap_simple;


CREATE USER ... IDENTIFIED WITH authentication_ldap_simple BY 'cn=[user
name],ou=[organization unit],dc=[domain component],dc=com'


If the user is created with the “BY ‘cn,ou,dc,dc’” the following variables are not used:

  • authentication_ldap_simple_bind_base_dn
  • authentication_ldap_simple_bind_root_dn
  • authentication_ldap_simple_bind_root_pwd
  • authentication_ldap_simple_user_search_attr
  • authentication_ldap_simple_group_search_attr

If the user is created with “IDENTIFIED BY authentication_ldap_simple” the variables are used.

If a MySQL user rshimek has the following entry in the LDAP directory:

uid=rshimek, ou=users, dc=hr, dc=com

To create a MySQL account for rshimek, use the following statement:

CREATE USER 'rshimek'@'localhost'
IDENTIFIED WITH authentication_ldap_simple
AS 'uid=rshimek,ou=users,dc=hr,dc=com';


Security The plugin requires sending the password in clear text.

Uninstall the plugin

To uninstall the plugin, run the following command:

mysql> UNINSTALL PLUGIN authentication_ldap_simple;

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