Encrypting the Redo Log

The Redo log can be encrypted with the :variable: innodb_redo_log_encrypt variable. The default value for the variable is OFF. The Redo log uses the tablespace encryption key.

variable innodb_redo_log_encrypt
Command Line:--innodb-redo-log-encrypt
Variable Type:Text
Default Value:OFF

Determines the encryption for redo log data for tables. The encryption of redo log data, by default, is ‘OFF’.

When you enable innodb_redo_log_encrypt any existing redo log pages stay unencrypted, and new pages are encrypted when they are written to disk. If you disable innodb_redo_log_encrypt, any encrypted pages remain encrypted, but new pages are unencrypted.

As implemented in 8.0.16-7, the supported values for :variable: innodb_redo_log_encrypt are the following:

  • ON
  • OFF
  • master_key
  • keyring_key

The keyring_key is an Experimental value.

See also

For more information on the keyring_key - Working with Background Encryption Threads


For innodb_redo_log_encrypt, the “ON” value is a compatibility alias for master_key.

After starting the server, an attempt to encrypt the redo log fails in the following conditions:

  • Server started with no keyring specified
  • Server started with a keyring, but you have specified a different redo log encryption method that what the same server previously used.