Encrypting Doublewrite Buffers

As of Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.20-11, the Percona version of the doublewrite buffer is replaced with the MySQL implementation.

Until MySQL 8.0.20, the system tablespace contained the doublewrite buffer. The key which encrypts the InnoDB system tablespace also encrypts the doublewrite buffer pages.

Currently, Percona encrypts the doublewrite buffer using innodb_parallel_dblwr_encrypt. Encrypted tablespace pages are written as encrypted in the doublewrite buffer using their respective tablespace keys. Unencrypted tablespace pages are not encrypted in the doublewrite buffer.

variable innodb_parallel_dblwr_encrypt
Command Line:--innodb-parallel-dblwr-encrypt
Variable Type:Boolean
Default Value:OFF

Enables the encryption of the doublewrite buffer. The encryption uses the key of the tablespace where the doublewrite buffer is used.

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