Extended mysqlbinlog

Percona Server for MySQL has implemented compression support for mysqlbinlog. This is similar to support that both mysql and mysqldump programs include (the -C, --compress options “Use compression in server/client protocol”). Using the compressed protocol helps reduce the bandwidth use and speed up transfers.

Percona Server for MySQL has also implemented support for SSL. mysqlbinlog now accepts the SSL connection options as all the other client programs. This feature can be useful with --read-from-remote-server option. Following SSL options are now available:

  • --ssl - Enable SSL for connection (automatically enabled with other flags).
  • --ssl-ca=name - CA file in PEM format (check OpenSSL docs, implies –ssl).
  • --ssl-capath=name - CA directory (check OpenSSL docs, implies –ssl).
  • --ssl-cert=name - X509 cert in PEM format (implies –ssl).
  • --ssl-cipher=name - SSL cipher to use (implies –ssl).
  • --ssl-key=name - X509 key in PEM format (implies –ssl).
  • --ssl-verify-server-cert - Verify server’s “Common Name” in its cert against hostname used when connecting. This option is disabled by default.

Version Specific Information

  • 8.0.12-1: The feature was ported from Percona Server for MySQL 5.7

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