Process List

This page describes Percona changes to both the standard MySQL SHOW PROCESSLIST command and the standard MySQL INFORMATION_SCHEMA table PROCESSLIST.

Version Specific Information

  • 8.0.12-1:
    • Feature ported from Percona Server for MySQL 5.7



This table implements modifications to the standard MySQL INFORMATION_SCHEMA table PROCESSLIST.

  • ID – The connection identifier.
  • USER – The MySQL user who issued the statement.
  • HOST – The host name of the client issuing the statement.
  • DB – The default database, if one is selected, otherwise NULL.
  • COMMAND – The type of command the thread is executing.
  • TIME – The time in seconds that the thread has been in its current state.
  • STATE – An action, event, or state that indicates what the thread is doing.
  • INFO – The statement that the thread is executing, or NULL if it is not executing any statement.
  • TIME_MS – The time in milliseconds that the thread has been in its current state.
  • ROWS_EXAMINED – The number of rows examined by the statement being executed (NOTE: This column is not updated for each examined row so it does not necessarily show an up-to-date value while the statement is executing. It only shows a correct value after the statement has completed.).
  • ROWS_SENT – The number of rows sent by the statement being executed.
  • TID – The Linux Thread ID. For Linux, this corresponds to light-weight process ID (LWP ID) and can be seen in the ps -L output. In case when Thread Pool is enabled, “TID” is not null for only currently executing statements and statements received via “extra” connection.

Example Output



| ID | USER | HOST      | DB                 | COMMAND | TIME | STATE     | INFO                      | TIME_MS | ROWS_SENT | ROWS_EXAMINED |
| 12 | root | localhost | information_schema | Query   |    0 | executing | select * from processlist |       0 |         0 |             0 |

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