Encrypting Doublewrite Buffers

The two types of doublewrite buffers used in Percona Server for MySQL are encrypted differently.

When the InnoDB system tablespace is encrypted, the doublewrite buffer pages are encrypted as well. The key which was used to encrypt the InnoDB system tablespace is also used to encrypt the doublewrite buffer.

Percona Server for MySQL encrypts the doublewrite buffer with the respective tablespace keys. Only encrypted tablespace pages are written as encrypted in the doublewrite buffer. Unencrypted tablespace pages will be written as unencrypted.

variable innodb_parallel_dblwr_encrypt
Command Line:--innodb-parallel-dblwr-encrypt
Variable Type:Boolean
Default Value:OFF

Enables the encryption of the doublewrite buffer. For encryption, uses the key of the tablespace where the doublewrite buffer is used.