Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.21-12

Date:October 13, 2020
Installation:Installing Percona Server for MySQL

Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.21-12 includes all the features and bug fixes available in MySQL 8.0.21 Community Edition in addition to enterprise-grade features developed by Percona.

This release fixes the security vulnerability CVE-2020-26542.


  • PS-7132: Make default value of rocksdb_wal_recovery_mode compatible with InnoDB
  • PS-7245: Block enable/disable redo log with lock tables for backup
  • PS-5730: Change SELECT rotate_system_key to ALTER INSTANCE for percona system key rotation.
  • PS-7297: Modify MTR test to prevent proxy_protocol_admin_port test failure on 8.0.21
  • PS-7114: Enhance crash artifacts (core dumps and stack traces) to provide additional information to the operator
  • PS-5635: Introduce crypt_schema 2 for better error checking in encryption threads.

Bugs Fixed

  • PS-7203: Fix audit plugin memory leak on replicas when opening tables
  • PS-6067: Provide a fix for upstream bug #97001 in Percona Server (Upstream #97001)
  • PS-7325: Modify SELECT to correct situation when data is missing from MyRocks table when GROUP BY is used
  • PS-7275: Add variable Innodb_checkpoint_max_age
  • PS-7232: Modified Multithreaded Replica to correct the exhausted slave_transaction_retries when replica has slave_preserve_commit_order enabled (Upstream #99440)
  • PS-7231: Modify Slave_transaction::retry_transaction() to call mysql_errno() only when thd->is_error() is true
  • PS-7221: Modify get_int_sort_key_for_item_inline to return UTC string (Upstream #100402)
  • PS-7143: Suppress deadlock check for ACL Cache MDL lock to prevent server freeze
  • PS-7076: Modify to not update Cardinality after setting tokudb_cardinality_scale_percent
  • PS-7025: Fix reading ahead of insert buffer pages by dispatching of buffered AIO transfers (Upstream #100086)
  • PS-7010: Modify to Lock buffer blocks before sanity check in btr_cur_latch_leaves
  • PS-6995: Introduce a new optimizer switch to allow the user to reduce the cost of a range scan to determine best execution plan for Primary Key lookup
  • PS-7279: Modify to notify when BuildID: Not Available in case the server has been compiled with –build-id=none
  • PS-7220: Fix activity counter update in purge coordinator and workers
  • PS-7169: Set rocksdb_validate_tables to disabled RocksDB while upgrading the server from 5.7 to 8.0.20
  • PS-5741: Correct format for use of memset_s in keyring_vault
  • PS-5323: Align Keyring encryption with Master Key encryption
  • PS-7363: Modify to release locks on failure to prevent deadlock with LTFB + DROP UNDO TABLESPACE
  • PS-7360: Modify clang-4.0 compilation to correct failure from ‘-Winconsistent-missing-destructor-override’
  • PS-7359: Stabilize innodb.check_ibd_filesize_16k MTR test
  • PS-7353: Modify LDAP connection to server to be static to prevent connection failures which will lock mysqld
  • PS-7352: Correct typo in authentication_ldap_simple_ca_path to correct crash of mysqld
  • PS-7340: Add validation of default_table_encryption to confirm keyring plugin is loaded before changing modes
  • PS-7338: Set set crypt_data based on encryption status of destination table
  • PS-7328: Block create/alter/drop/undo truncation while backup lock is available and hold lock until operation is completed
  • PS-7322: Modify the right mask length calculation to handle up to string length for Data Masking
  • PS-7321: Correct Random Number Generator to create only 15 or 16 digit number in Data Masking
  • PS-7309: Modify gen_range() to support negative numbers in Data Masking
  • PS-7308: Modify limit gen_dictionary_load() to load files only from the secure-file-priv dir when secure-file-priv dir is set in Data Masking
  • PS-7307: Modify Data masking UDFs to display output using Latin1 character set
  • PS-7296: Fix online log tracking initialization to properly process existing bitmap files
  • PS-7289: Restrict innodb encryption threads to 255 and add min/max values
  • PS-7270: Fix admin_port to accept non-proxied connections when proxy_protocol_networks=’*’
  • PS-7234: Modify PS minimal tarballs to remove COPYING.AGPLv3
  • PS-7226: Modify LDAP Plugin to enhance logging and test cases
  • PS-7191: Correct documentation for PS variable default_table_encryption
  • PS-7147: Modified Relay_log_info::cannot_safely_rollback() to handle null pointer
  • PS-7140: Correct processing to apply crypt redo logs
  • PS-7120: Handle doublewrite buffer encryption for keyring key tablespaces
  • PS-7119: Correct Tests of encryption.innodb_encryption_aborted_rotation* to prevent failure
  • PS-6987: Modify to allow value of default_table_encryption to be changed only when encryption_threads are off
  • PS-7284: Fix failing test innodb.percona_changed_page_bmp_requests_debug

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