Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.14

Due to a critical fix, MySQL Community Server 8.0.15 was released shortly (11 days later) after MySQL Community Server 8.0.14. Percona has skipped the release of Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.14. The next release of Percona Server for MySQL is 8.0.15-5 which contains all bug fixes and contents of both MySQL Community Server 8.0.14 and MySQL Community Server 8.0.15.

Percona Server for MySQL 8.0 includes all the features available in MySQL 8.0 Community Edition in addition to enterprise-grade features developed by Percona. For a list of highlighted features from both MySQL 8.0 and Percona Server for MySQL 8.0, please see the GA release announcement.


If you are upgrading from 5.7 to 8.0, please ensure that you read the upgrade guide and the document Changed in Percona Server for MySQL 8.0.

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