TokuDB Introduction

Percona Server is fully compatible with the separately available TokuDB storage engine package. TokuDB engine is not packaged with any Percona Server 5.6 download. The TokuDB engine must be separately downloaded and then enabled as a plug-in component. This package can be installed alongside standard Percona Server 5.6 releases starting with 5.6.19-67.0 and does not require any specially adapted version of Percona Server.

The TokuDB storage engine is a scalable, ACID and MVCC compliant storage engine that provides indexing-based query improvements, offers online schema modifications, and reduces slave lag for both hard disk drives and flash memory. This storage engine is specifically designed for high performance on write-intensive workloads which is achieved with Fractal Tree indexing.

Key TokuDB features available in the current production release:

Some features that were available in older alpha releases have since been discontinued:

TokuDB is released by Tokutek Inc. under a modified form of the GNU GPL v2 license. You can view a copy of the modified license here.

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