Handle Corrupted Tables

Instead of crashing the server as they used to do, corrupted InnoDB tables are simply disabled, so that the database remains available while the corruption is being fixed.

This feature adds a new system variable.

Version Specific Information

  • 5.6.10-60.2: Feature ported from Percona Server 5.5

System Variables

variable innodb_corrupt_table_action
Version Info:
Command Line:


Config File:






Variable Type:



assert, warn, salvage

  • With the default value XtraDB will intentionally crash the server with an assertion failure as it would normally do when detecting corrupted data in a single-table tablespace.
  • If the warn value is used it will pass corruption of the table as corrupt table instead of crashing itself. For this to work innodb_file_per_table should be enabled. All file I/O for the datafile after detected as corrupt is disabled, except for the deletion.
  • When the option value is salvage, XtraDB allows read access to a corrupted tablespace, but ignores corrupted pages”.
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