Percona Server for MySQL 5.6.19-67.0

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Server for MySQL 5.6.19-67.0 on June 30th, 2014 (Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories).

Based on MySQL 5.6.19, including all the bug fixes in it, Percona Server for MySQL 5.6.19-67.0 is the current GA release in the Percona Server for MySQL 5.6 series. All of Percona‘s software is open-source and free, all the details of the release can be found in the 5.6.19-67.0 milestone at Launchpad.

NOTE: There was no Percona Server for MySQL 5.6.18 release because there was no MySQL Community Server 5.6.18 release. That version number was used for MySQL Enterprise Edition release to address the OpenSSL “Heartbleed” issue.

New Features

Percona has merged a contributed patch by Kostja Osipov implementing the Multiple user level locks per connection feature. This feature fixes the upstream bugs: #1118 and #67806.

TokuDB Storage engine, which is available as a separate package that can be installed along with the Percona Server for MySQL 5.6.19-67.0, is now considered GA quality.

Percona Server for MySQL now supports the MTR --valgrind option for a server that is either statically or dynamically linked with jemalloc.

Bugs Fixed

The libperconaserverclient18.1 package was missing the library files. Bug fixed #1329911.

Percona Server for MySQL introduced a regression in 5.6.17-66.0 when support for TokuDB storage engine was implemented. This regression caused spurious “wrong table structure” errors for PERFORMANCE_SCHEMA tables. Bug fixed #1329772.

Race condition in group commit code could lead to a race condition in PFS instrumentation code resulting in a server crash. Bug fixed #1309026 (upstream #72681).

Other bugs fixed: #1326348 and #1167486.

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