super-read-only option

Percona Server for MySQL has ported a new option, super_read_only from WebScaleSQL, which is like the read-only option, but affecting users with SUPER privileges as well. This means that server will not allow any updates even for the users that have SUPER privilege. If slave replication repositories are tables (when master-info-repository variable is set to TABLE and/or relay-log-info-repository variable is set to TABLE), any implicit updates to them (as performed by CHANGE MASTER, START SLAVE, or STOP SLAVE) are allowed regardless of super_read_only setting. Enabling super_read_only implies regular read-only as well.

Interaction with read_only variable:

  • Turning read_only off also turns off super_read_only.
  • Turning super_read_only on also turns read_only on.
  • All other changes to either one of these have no affect on the other.

System Variables

variable super_read_only
Version Info:
Command Line:


Config File:






Variable Type:


Default Value:


When enabled the server will not allow any updates, beside updating the replication repositories if slave status logs are tables, even for the users that have SUPER privilege.

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