Suppress Warning Messages

This feature is intended to provide a general mechanism (using log_warnings_silence) to disable certain warning messages to the log file. Currently, it is only implemented for disabling message #1592 warnings. This feature does not influence warnings delivered to a client. Please note that warning code needs to be a string:

mysql> SET GLOBAL log_warnings_suppress = '1592';
Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

Version Specific Information

System Variables

variable log_warnings_suppress
Version Info:
Command Line:


Config File:






Variable Type:


Default Value:

(empty string)


(empty string), 1592

It is intended to provide a more general mechanism for disabling warnings than existed previously with variable suppress_log_warning_1592. When set to the empty string, no warnings are disabled. When set to 1592, warning #1592 messages (unsafe statement for binary logging) are suppressed. In the future, the ability to optionally disable additional warnings may also be added.

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