Percona Server 5.5.11-20.2

Released on April 28, 2011 (Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories. An experimental build for MacOS is available.)

Percona Server 5.5.11-20.2 is a stable release.

New Features

  • HandlerSocket, a NoSQL plugin for MySQL, has been updated to the latest stable version as April 11th, 2011.
  • InnoDB Fast Index Creation now works with mysqldump, ALTER TABLE and OPTIMIZE TABLE. (Alexey Kopytov)

Variable Changes

Variable innodb_extra_rsegments was removed because the equivalent, innodb_rollback_segments, has been implemented in MySQL 5.5. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #757749 - Using ALTER TABLE to convert an InnoDB table to a MEMORY table could fail due to a bug in the Fast Index Creation patch. (Alexey Kopytov)
  • Bug #764395 - InnoDB crashed with an assertion failure when receiving a signal on pwrite(). The problem was that InnoDB I/O code was not fully conforming to the standard on POSIX systems. Calls to fsync(), pread(), and pwrite() can be interrupted by a signal. In such cases, InnoDB would crash with an assertion failure, rather than just restarting the interrupted call. (Alexey Kopytov)
  • Bug #766236 - A crash was occurring in some cases when innodb_lazy_drop_table was enabled with very large buffer pools. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)
  • Bug #733317 - SYS_STATS internal table of XtraDB has been expanded for supporting innodb_stats_method from InnoDB -plugin. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)

Known Bugs

The version of Percona XtraDB shown in logs is not correct. The actual version is 1.1.6-20.2 (instead of 1.1.6-20.1).

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