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List of variables introduced in Percona Server 5.5

System Variables

Name Cmd-Line Option File Var Scope Dynamic
csv_mode Yes Yes Both Yes
enforce_storage_engine No Yes Global No
expand_fast_index_creation Yes No Both Yes
extra_max_connections Yes Yes Global Yes
extra_port Yes Yes Global No
fast_index_creation Yes No Session Yes
have_flashcache No No Global No
have_response_time_distribution No No Global No
innodb_adaptive_flushing_method Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_adaptive_hash_index_partitions Yes Yes Global No
innodb_blocking_buffer_pool_restore Yes Yes Global No
innodb_buffer_pool_populate Yes Yes Global No
innodb_buffer_pool_restore_at_startup Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_buffer_pool_shm_checksum Yes Yes Global No
innodb_buffer_pool_shm_key Yes Yes Global No
innodb_checkpoint_age_target Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_corrupt_table_action Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_dict_size_limit Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_doublewrite_file Yes Yes Global No
innodb_fake_changes Yes Yes Both Yes
innodb_fast_checksum Yes Yes Global No
innodb_flush_neighbor_pages Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_ibuf_accel_rate Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_ibuf_active_contract Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_ibuf_max_size Yes Yes Global No
innodb_import_table_from_xtrabackup Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_kill_idle_transaction Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_lazy_drop_table Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_locking_fake_changes Yes Yes Both Yes
innodb_log_block_size Yes Yes Global No
innodb_max_bitmap_file_size Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_max_changed_pages Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_merge_sort_block_size Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_page_size Yes Yes Global No
innodb_read_ahead Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_recovery_stats No Yes Global No
innodb_recovery_update_relay_log Yes Yes Global No
innodb_show_locks_held Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_show_verbose_locks Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_stats_auto_update Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_stats_update_need_lock Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_thread_concurrency_timer_based Yes Yes Global No
innodb_track_changed_pages Yes Yes Global No
innodb_use_atomic_writes Yes Yes Global No
innodb_use_global_flush_log_at_trx_commit Yes Yes Global Yes
innodb_use_sys_stats_table Yes Yes Global No
log_slow_admin_statements Yes Yes Global Yes
log_slow_filter Yes Yes Both Yes
log_slow_rate_limit Yes Yes Both Yes
log_slow_rate_type Yes Yes Global Yes
log_slow_slave_statements Yes Yes Both Yes
log_slow_sp_statements Yes Yes Global Yes
log_slow_verbosity Yes Yes Both Yes
log_warnings_suppress Yes Yes Global Yes
max_binlog_files Yes Yes Global Yes
max_slowlog_files Yes Yes Global Yes
max_slowlog_size Yes Yes Global Yes
optimizer_fix N/A N/A N/A N/A
query_cache_strip_comments Yes Yes Global Yes
query_response_time_range_base Yes Yes Global Yes
query_response_time_stats Yes Yes Global Yes
slow_query_log_always_write_time Yes Yes Global Yes
slow_query_log_timestamp_always Yes Yes Global Yes
slow_query_log_timestamp_precision Yes Yes Global Yes
slow_query_log_use_global_control Yes Yes Global Yes
thread_pool_high_prio_mode Yes Yes Both Yes
thread_pool_high_prio_tickets Yes Yes Both Yes
thread_pool_idle_timeout Yes Yes Global Yes
thread_pool_max_threads Yes Yes Global Yes
thread_pool_oversubscribe Yes Yes Global Yes
thread_pool_size Yes Yes Global Yes
thread_pool_stall_limit Yes Yes Global No
thread_statistics Yes Yes Global Yes
userstat Yes Yes Global Yes

Status Variables

Name Var Type Var Scope
Com_show_client_statistics Numeric Both
Com_show_index_statistics Numeric Both
Com_show_slave_status_nolock Numeric Both
Com_show_table_statistics Numeric Both
Com_show_temporary_tables Numeric Both
Com_show_thread_statistics Numeric Both
Com_show_user_statistics Numeric Both
Flashcache_enabled Boolean Global
Innodb_adaptive_hash_cells Numeric Global
Innodb_adaptive_hash_heap_buffers Numeric Global
Innodb_adaptive_hash_hash_searches Numeric Global
Innodb_adaptive_hash_non_hash_searches Numeric Global
Innodb_background_log_sync Numeric Global
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_LRU_flushed Numeric Global
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_made_not_young Numeric Global
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_made_young Numeric Global
Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_old Numeric Global
Innodb_checkpoint_age Numeric Global
Innodb_checkpoint_max_age Numeric Global
Innodb_checkpoint_target_age Numeric Global
Innodb_deadlocks Numeric Global
Innodb_dict_tables Numeric Global
Innodb_history_list_length Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_discarded_delete_marks Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_discarded_deletes Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_discarded_inserts Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_free_list Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_merged_delete_marks Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_merged_deletes Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_merged_inserts Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_merges Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_segment_size Numeric Global
Innodb_ibuf_size Numeric Global
Innodb_lsn_current Numeric Global
Innodb_lsn_flushed Numeric Global
Innodb_lsn_last_checkpoint Numeric Global
Innodb_master_thread_1_second_loops Numeric Global
Innodb_master_thread_10_second_loops Numeric Global
Innodb_master_thread_background_loops Numeric Global
Innodb_master_thread_main_flush_loops Numeric Global
Innodb_master_thread_sleeps Numeric Global
Innodb_max_trx_id Numeric Global
Innodb_mem_adaptive_hash Numeric Global
Innodb_mem_dictionary Numeric Global
Innodb_mem_total Numeric Global
Innodb_mutex_os_waits Numeric Global
Innodb_mutex_spin_rounds Numeric Global
Innodb_mutex_spin_waits Numeric Global
Innodb_oldest_view_low_limit_trx_id Numeric Global
Innodb_purge_trx_id Numeric Global
Innodb_purge_undo_no Numeric Global
Innodb_current_row_locks Numeric Global
Innodb_read_views_memory Numeric Global
Innodb_descriptors_memory Numeric Global
Innodb_s_lock_os_waits Numeric Global
Innodb_s_lock_spin_rounds Numeric Global
Innodb_s_lock_spin_waits Numeric Global
Innodb_x_lock_os_waits Numeric Global
Innodb_x_lock_spin_rounds Numeric Global
Innodb_x_lock_spin_waits Numeric Global
Threadpool_idle_threads Numeric Global
Threadpool_threads Numeric Global
binlog_commits Numeric Session
binlog_group_commits Numeric Session
This documentation is developed in Launchpad as part of the Percona Server 5.5.
If you spotted inaccuracies, errors, don't understand it or you think something is missing or should be improved, please file a bug.
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