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Percona Server 5.1.49-rel12.0

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Server 5.1.49-rel12.0 on September 15th, 2010 (Downloads are available here and from the Percona Software Repositories).

New features

  • Percona Server 5.1.49-rel12.0 is based on MySQL 5.1.49.
  • New features added:
    • Error Code Compatibility - Implements error code compatibilities with MySQL 5.5. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • query_cache_totally_disable - Allows the user to disable use of the query cache. (Oleg Tsarev, backport from MySQL 5.5)
    • show_engines - Changes SHOW STORAGE ENGINES to report XtraDB when appropriate. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • Remove Excessive Function Calls (fcntl) - Removes excessive fcntl calls. (Oleg Tsarev, port from FaceBook tree)
    • Prevent Caching to FlashCache - Prevents blocks of data from being cached to FlashCache during a query. (Oleg Tsarev, port from FaceBook tree)
    • status_wait_query_cache_mutex - Provides a new thread state - “Waiting on query cache mutex”. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • Too Many Connections Warning - Issues the warning “Too many connection” if log_warnings is enabled. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • Response Time Distribution - Counts queries with very short execution times and groups them by time interval. (Oleg Tsarev)
    • Shared Memory Buffer Pool - Allows storing the buffer pool in a shared memory segment between restarts of the server. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)
    • Option Log All Client Commands (syslog) was added to the MySQL client. If enabled, all commands run on the client are logged to syslog. (Oleg Tsarev)
  • New variables introduced:
    • Improved InnoDB I/O Scalability - Implements a session-level version of the MySQL global system variable innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)
    • Fast Index Creation - Allows disabling of fast index creation. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)
    • InnoDB Statistics- If ON, the table’s statistics are stored statically in the internal table SYS_STATS. The table is populated with the ANALYZE TABLE command. (Yasufumi Kinoshita)

Fixed bugs

  • Bug #576041 - Fixes long stalls while accessing the innodb_buffer_pool_pages_index table on systems with a large number of tables.
  • Bug #592007 - More strictly enforces the maximum purge delay defined by innodb_max_purge_lag by removing the requirement that purge operations be delayed if an old consistent read view exists that could see the rows to be purged.
  • Bug #607449 - Fixes a crash during shutdown when userstat_running=1.
  • Bug #612954 - Fixes a problem with SHOW PROCESSLIST displaying an incorrect time.
  • Bug #610525 - Reduces the number of compile time errors when the server is rebuilt.
  • Bug #569275 - Fixes a crash when XtraDB shuts down in “crash resistent mode”.
  • Bug #589484 - Adds reporting of the query cache mutex status in SHOW PROCESSLIST.
  • Bug #606965 - Allows preventing data caching to flash storage during a query.
  • Bug #606810 - Ports a fix from to remove excessive fcntl calls.
  • Bug #609027 - Allows query cache use to be completely disabled
  • Bug #600352 - Fixes SHOW STORAGE ENGINES to correctly report “Percona-XtraDB” rather than “InnoDB”

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