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Percona Server 1.0.6-9

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Server 1.0.6-9.1 on January 13th, 2010.

The release includes following new features:

  • The release is base on 1.0.6 version of InnoDB plugin.
  • MySQL 5.1.42 as a base release
  • Separate purge thread and LRU dump is implemented (this feature was actually added in Release 8, but somehow it was forgotten)
  • New patch innodb_relax_table_creation
  • Added extended statistics to slow log
  • Adjust defaults with performance intention
  • Added parameter to control checkpoint age
  • Added recovery statistics output when crash recovery (disabled by default)
  • Adjusted intraction of patches
  • Patch to dump and restore innodb_buffer_pool

Fixed bugs:

  • Bug #488315: rename columns and add unique index cause serious inconsistent with mysqld.
  • Bug #495342: MySQL 5.1.41 + InnoDB 1.0.6 + XtraDB patches extensions-1.0.6, rev. 127 fails to compile on OpenSolaris.
  • MySQL bug #47621: change the fix of more reasonable.

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Percona Server 1.0.6-9.1

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