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Percona Server 1.0.3-6

Percona is glad to announce the release of Percona Server 1.0.3-6 on July 20th, 2009.

The release includes following new features:

  • MySQL 5.1.36 as a base release
  • Fast InnoDB Recovery Process
  • Experimental adaptive checkpoint method estimate
  • InnoDB Statistics - the implementation of the fix for MySQL Bug #30423
  • Expand Table Import - Support of import InnoDB / XtraDB tables from another server
  • New patch to split buffer pool mutex
  • g-style-io-thread: Google’s fixes to InnoDB IO threads
  • innodb_dict_size_limit - Limit of internal data dictionary

Fixed bugs

  • MySQL Bug: #39793: Foreign keys not constructed when column has a # in a comment or default value
  • Bug #395784 in Percona-XtraDB: main.innodb_xtradb_bug317074 internal check fails on 5.1.36
  • Bug #395778 in Percona-XtraDB: main.innodb-analyze internal check failed on 5.1.36
  • Bug #391189 in Percona-XtraDB: main.innodb_bug36172 mysq test fails with innodb_stat.patch applied
  • Bug #388884 in Percona-XtraDB: patching fails on 5.1.35

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