Fast Index Creation

Percona has implemented several changes related to MySQL‘s fast index creation feature. Extended features, besides disabling fast_index_creation, can be enabled with expand_fast_index_creation.

Disabling Fast Index Creation

Fast index creation was implemented in MySQL as a way to speed up the process of adding or dropping indexes on tables with many rows. However, cases have been found in which fast index creation creates an inconsistency between MySQL and InnoDB data dictionaries.

This feature implements a session variable that disables fast index creation. This causes indexes to be created in the way they were created before fast index creation was implemented. While this is slower, it avoids the problem of data dictionary inconsistency between MySQL and InnoDB.


Internally, OPTIMIZE TABLE is mapped to ALTER TABLE ... ENGINE=innodb for InnoDB tables. As a consequence, it now also benefits from fast index creation, with the same restrictions as for ALTER TABLE.

Version Specific Information

System Variables

variable fast_index_creation
Command Line:Yes
Config File:No
Variable Type:Boolean
Default Value:ON

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