Percona Server for MongoDB 4.0.13-7

Percona announces the release of Percona Server for MongoDB 4.0.13-7 on October 31, 2019. Download the latest version from the Percona website or the Percona software repositories.

Percona Server for MongoDB is an enhanced, open source, and highly-scalable database that is a fully-compatible, drop-in replacement for MongoDB 4.0 Community Edition. It supports MongoDB 4.0 protocols and drivers.

Percona Server for MongoDB extends the functionality of the MongoDB 4.0 Community Edition by including the Percona Memory Engine storage engine, encrypted WiredTiger storage engine, audit logging, External LDAP Authentication with SASL, hot backups, and enhanced query profiling. Percona Server for MongoDB requires no changes to MongoDB applications or code.

Percona Server for MongoDB 4.0.13-7 enables uploading hot backups to an Amazon S3 or a compatible storage service, such as MinIO. In this release, this feature has the EXPERIMENTAL status. For more information, see the section Streaming Hot Backups to a Remote Destination in the Percona Server for MongoDB documentation.

This release includes all features of MongoDB 4.0 Community Edition. Most notable among these are:

Note that the MMAPv1 storage engine is deprecated in MongoDB 4.0 Community Edition.

Percona Server for MongoDB 4.0.13-7 is based on MongoDB 4.0.13.

Bugs Fixed

  • PSMDB-447: The license for RPM and DEB packages has been changed from AGPLv3 to SSPL.