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Installing Percona Server for MongoDB from Binary Tarball

You can find links to the binary tarballs from the Percona Server for MongoDB download page.

  1. Fetch and extract the correct binary tarball. For example, if you are running Debian 8 (“jessie”):

    tar xfz percona-server-mongodb-3.6.5-1.3-ra1cb178-jessie-x86_64-bundle.tar
  2. Copy the extracted binaries to the target directory, for example:

    mkdir ~/psmdb
    cp -r -n percona-server-mongodb-3.6.5-1.3-ra1cb178-jessie-x86_64-bundle/bin ~/psmdb/
  3. Add the location of the binaries to the PATH variable:

    export PATH ~/psmdb/bin:$PATH
  4. Create the default data directory:

    mkdir -p /data/db
  5. Make sure that you have read and write permissions for the data directory and run mongod.

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