Playback Option Reference

This page documents the command-line options for the percona-playback.



This option displays a help screen and exits.


This option displays the percona-playback version and copyright notice and then exits.

--loop N

Do the whole run N times.

Database Options:


This options tells percona-playback which database plugin to use.


Dispatcher plugin used to replay queries.


This options tells percona-playback which input plugin to use.


Queue depth for DB executor (thread). The larger this number is the greater the played-back workload can deviate from the original workload as some connections may be up to queue-depth behind. If no values is specified default is 1.


This query will be executed just after each connect to database

libdrizzle Client Options:


Hostname of MySQL/Drizzle server


Username to connect to MySQL/Drizzle


Password for MySQL/Drizzle user


Schema to connect to


Port number the server is listening on

MySQL Client Options:


Hostname of MySQL server


MySQL port number


Username to connect to MySQL


Password for MySQL user


MySQL Schema to connect to

Query Log Options:


Query log file that’s going to be used.


Query log file read count (how many times to read query log file). If no value is specified default is 1.


By default, query SET TIMESTAMP=XX; that the MySQL slow query log always includes is skipped. This may cause some subsequent queries to fail, depending on the workload. If the --run-set-timestamp option is enabled, these queries are run as well.


This option ensures that each query takes at least Query_time (from slow query log) to execute.

Simple Report Options:


Display the number of queries executed for each connection.

tcpdump Options:


Tcpdump file name.


Tcpdump port (default 3306).


The mode of tcpdump plugin (fast|accurate), in ‘fast’ mode the plugin executes queries as fast as it can whereas in ‘accurate’ mode the plugin preserves queries execution time and pauses between queries (default FAST).

Threads-pool Options:


The number of threads in thread pool. If this options is omitted the number of threads equals to hardware concurrency.

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