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The main purpose of this plugin is to parse MySQL queries from tcpdump files. Currently this plugin doesn’t support work with prepare and execute statements. Also it doesn’t parse MySQL threads_id because they are passed only during handshake, but tcpdump tool can be started in the middle of the session. That’s why thread_id which can be seen in the report of report plugins is some hash from client ip-port pair. Currently only parsing of ipv4 connections is implemented.

The plugin has two modes of work:
  • accurate - preserves queries execution time and pauses between queries, it’s possible to playback the same load that was recorded on production with some accuracy.
  • fast - play queries as fast as possible.


The tcpdump plugin can parse packets only on raw format. The “-w” option must be used for tcpdump during capturing to get input files for the tool.


  1. Queries will be captured with tcpdump to the example.dump:
$ tcpdump -i eth0 port 3306 -w example.dump


Percona Playback currently doesn’t support any as and tcpdump interface option. If “-i any” is used for capturing tcpdump parser works wrong.

  1. Percona Playback is started with tcpdump plugin reading the example.dump file, connecting to remote MySQL server in accurate mode:
$ percona-playback --input-plugin=tcpdump --tcpdump-file=example.dump --tcpdump-mode=accurate \
--db-plugin=libmysqlclient --mysql-host= --mysql-username=root \
--mysql-password=passW0rd --mysql-schema=imdb
  1. After the Percona Playback is done, report is generated that looks like this:
Executed 22 queries
Spent 00:00:32.844442 executing queries versus an expected 00:00:00.503753 time.
1 queries were quicker than expected, 21 were slower
A total of 0 queries had errors.
Expected 30298 rows, got 30298 (a difference of 0)
Number of queries where number of rows differed: 0.

Average of 22.00 queries per connection (1 connections).
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