Percona Memcached Monitoring Template for Cacti

These templates use ss_get_by_ssh.php to connect to a server via SSH and extract statistics from the memcached server running there, by executing the nc (netcat) program with the command “STAT”. This means you don’t need any memcached APIs installed. Standard Unix command-line tools are all you need.


Once the SSH connection is working, you need to test the memcached function. You may need to change some of the example values below, such as the cacti username and the hostname you’re connecting to:

sudo -u cacti php /usr/share/cacti/scripts/ss_get_by_ssh.php --type memcached --host --items ij,ik

You need nc on the server. Some versions of nc accept different command-line options. You can change the options used by configuring the PHP script. If you don’t want to do this for some reason, then you can install a version of nc that conforms to the expectations coded in the script’s default configuration instead.

On Debian/Ubuntu, netcat-openbsd does not work, so you need the netcat-traditional package, and you need to switch to /bin/nc.traditional with the following command:

update-alternatives --config nc

Also for Debian re-define PHP variable in ss_get_by_ssh.php.cnf this way:

$nc_cmd = 'nc -q1';

Sample Graphs

The following sample graphs demonstrate how the data is presented.


Shows how many items were added and evicted.


Shows how many connections have been made.


Shows how many items are stored in the server.


Shows how much memory the server is using.


Shows how many gets and sets have happened, as well as how many of the gets were misses (there was no item in the cache).


Shows the resource usage statistics reported by memcached, in system and user CPU time.


Shows the network traffic in and out of the memcached server.

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